Application of RFID technology in logistics and warehousing industry

The application of RFID technology in logistics and warehousing will lead a major reform in the logistics field in the future. Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

 Improve warehousing efficiency: The intelligent three-dimensional warehouse of the logistics department, with fine classification, combined with the use of RFID tags, realizes digital management of high-shelf products. Automatic picking is realized through RFID tags, avoiding manual search and wasting a lot of time, reducing the probability of wrong goods, and greatly improving shipping efficiency.

Reduce logistics costs: RFID technology can instantly feedback the number of products stored, effectively reducing the probability of loss.

Realize logistics management information: RFID relies on its own integratability to combine with other systems to form a complete logistics information system, digitize and informatize the entire logistics process, and rely on the powerful computing and data analysis capabilities of modern information technology to improve physical management efficiency , reduce personnel requirements.

Post time: Jul-04-2022