Music Festival RFID ticket management system

Music Festival RFID ticket management system

Ticket management system business functions
  rfid Ticket identification: basic function, rfid ticket identification through rfid reader
  Audience tracking and positioning, query: through the authorization of electronic tickets, thereby limiting the access range of the audience in each area of the venue, when the audience enters a certain area, the information obtained is reported to the management system through the reader. Staff can inquire and locate
  Key area security control: summarize and analyze the entry and exit information of key areas, so as to analyze the situation, time, frequency, etc. of personnel entering the area, and judge the security situation of the area
   Regional data analysis: Analyze the type of personnel, flow rate, flow time and regularity of the area, and determine whether the area is caused by excessive concentration of people1 and other unsafe factors such as confusion, so as to make additional staff or start other channels for evacuation
   Patrol management: It can cooperate with patrol management equipment to realize real-time monitoring of security personnel patrolling in various areas of the venue through ticket authorization, data reading, and query methods


RFID Ticket management system advantages

   The advantages of the RFID bill anti-counterfeiting system are mainly manifested in the following aspects:
   High security: The core of the electronic tag (RFID) is an integrated circuit chip with high security. Its security design and manufacturing determine that the threshold of RFID technology is high and it is not easy to imitate. The electronic tag has a unique ID number–UID. The UID is solidified in the chip and cannot be modified or imitated; no mechanical abrasion and anti-fouling; in addition to the password protection of the electronic tag, the data part can be safely managed by encryption algorithms; read-write equipment There is a mutual authentication process with the label.
Improve ticket inspection efficiency: In terms of ticket anti-counterfeiting, the use of RFID electronic tickets instead of traditional manual tickets can also greatly improve ticket inspection efficiency. In large-scale sports competitions and performances where the ticket volume is relatively large, RFID technology is used to prevent counterfeiting of tickets. Manual identification is required to achieve rapid passage of personnel.
   Prevent re-use: record the number of times the ticket enters and exits to prevent the ticket from being stolen and used again.
   Real-time monitoring: Real-time monitoring of the status changes of each RFID ticket during use.

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