NFC on duty patrol tag

The APP-based NFC patrol system is based on NFC technology and operator networks, and adopts open structure design and modular function design principles to realize the integration of NFC tag registration, data collection, content entry, real-time upload of card data, record management, Query statistics and report analysis are equal to an integrated intelligent management system.


 1. The system is composed of three parts: NFC tag, patrol APP and Tip-NFC cloud platform:

  1. NFC tags: Different devices and places use different forms of tags to ensure the reliable use of tags.

  2. Patrol APP: Use your mobile phone number as your account, and you can read the NFC tag after logging in to the system. Log in to the system, the APP automatically connects to the cloud platform to update the patrol route, patrol points and other data, the user directly reads the NFC tag, the APP will automatically upload the record and give a voice reminder.

  3. Tip-NFC cloud platform: It is composed of communication server, database server and WEB server to realize data receiving, storage, analysis, user management, report analysis and other functions.

   2. Detailed system functions

  2.1 APP function

   2.1.1 General functions

   1. APP login verification function, and automatically retain the login number and password, which is convenient for automatic login next time.

2. Intelligent reminder function: by establishing attendance time and patrol plan, the function of reminder and supervision is realized. By setting the timed reminder time, voice prompts can be given before the arrival of attendance and patrol time, which reduces the labor intensity of security guards, and also plays a role of warm reminder for employees who attend attendance to avoid forgetting to check in.

  3. NFC tag reading and setting function: NFC tag setting can be realized through mobile phone, and setting information can be uploaded. You can also use your mobile phone to read and view information on the tag.

  4. Data synchronization function: It can synchronize the data such as NFC tags, patrol points, routes and attendance of the cloud platform in real time. And upload the records in batches.

  5, APP automatic upgrade function, can realize the automatic upgrade of software.

  6. ​​Encryption function, MD5 encryption algorithm is used between APP and cloud platform to ensure user data security.

Post time: Jan-25-2021