RFID pet management system

The intelligent RFID pet trace ability management system uses leading RFID technology to integrate RFID radio frequency identification pet chips, handheld chip readers and pet management systems into one by software, realizing the most practical trace ability management so far. This system is an intelligent management system tailored by CXJ Smart Intelligence for urban pet management. It is based on the internationally leading hierarchical design ideas, combined with the current situation of China’s urban pet management, and fully applies the advanced results of modern RFID. Or group identification, so that each pet has a traceable ID card, is the perfect solution for urban pet management.


The hardware equipment includes:

   RFID radio frequency identification pet chip, hand held chip reader PET ID tag reader is a comprehensive hand held terminal specially designed and developed for the current situation and needs of dog breeding management in my country. It is easy to use and has various functions required by law enforcement officers. The information is uploaded in real time for real-time monitoring. Information transmission is encrypted, effectively protecting citizens’ privacy. The software part is an information management system independently developed by CXJ Smart Intelligence, which integrates modules such as management, immunity, charging, punishment, and trading.

  High reading rate, accurate information, no error code;

  Industrial protection, wear resistance and impact resistance;

  The protection design is added to effectively protect the safety of law enforcement personnel and prevent pets from being bitten.

Post time: Jan-25-2021