RFID Technology Supports Inventory Of Jewelery Stores

With the continuous improvement of people’s consumption, the jewelry industry has been widely developed.

However, inventory of the monopoly counter works in the daily operation of the jewelry store, spend many working hours, because employees need to complete the basic work of the inventory jewelry by manual operation. At the same time, because some jewelry volumes are extremely small but their quantity is large, the basic efforts of inventory jewelry are quite large.

However, since RFID technology is introduced into the jewelry industry, jewelry achieves electronic, information management, and improves the work efficiency of inventory jewelry, so it is quite loved by the jewelry industry.

According to the relevant data on the jewelry industry, the artificial inventory to the store products in an ordinary jewelry store. This work seems simple, in fact, it takes about five hours. Therefore, even if the employees in the store have high-rate inventory efforts, it is difficult to do time check per day.

In fact, the inventory of jewelry is particularly important than other luxury goods. First, the jewelry products are high-value products, and the parameters related to jewelry products are both professional and cumbersome. Second, due to the relatively small volume of jewelry, sometimes the magnifying glass is needed to invent, and may easily drop in a corner in a busy disorder. In addition, managing the store of multiple jewelry counter, also to prevent valuable product stolen from the inventory of jewelery..

So, how to use RFID technology to make the jewelry store more efficiently to complete the basic work of the inventory jewelry?

After the purchase staff completed the acquisition of jewelry, the relevant staff needs to install RFID tags for every jewelry before the jewelry placed the counter. Write electronic product encoding (EPC) with a RFID reader to implement the binding relationship between RFID tags and jewelry products.


When the jewelry of the counter has a RFID tag, the staff can achieve real-time monitoring of counter jewelry by operating a computer, and does not affect the sales work of the clerk.

Each counter is equipped with RFID reader, which helps staff real-time, fast, accurately inventory jewelry in the counter, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of the store inventory jewelry. Furthermore, RFID technology greatly reduces the human and time input of enterprises in jewelry inventory, reducing operating costs, and improves management efficiency.

Post time: Sep-23-2021