RFID Technology To Help Automotive Production

The automotive industry is a comprehensive assembly industry, and a car consists of thousands of parts, and each car main plant has a large number of related accessories factory. It can be seen that automobile production is a very complex systemic project, there is a large number of processes, steps, and components management services. Therefore, RFID technology is often used to enhance efficiency and reliability of the automotive production process.

Since a car is usually assembled by 10,000 parts, the number of components and complex manufacturing processes of artificial management is often unclear. Therefore, automotive manufacturers actively introduce RFID technology to provide more effective management for parts manufacturing and vehicle assembly.

Generally speaking, the manufacturer will directly attach the RFID tag directly on the parts. This component generally has high value, higher security requirements, and the characteristics of easier confusion between components, using RFID technology to effectively identify and track the components.


In addition, the RFID tag can also be pasted on the package or conveyor, which can be managed to manage the parts, and reduce the cost of the RFID, which is clearly more suitable for parts that are large, small, highly standardized.

In the assembly link made in the automobile, the transformation from bar code to RFID greatly enhances the flexibility of production management.

Applying RFID technology on the automotive production line, it is possible to transfer production data, quality monitoring data, etc. on various production lines to material management, production scheduling, quality assurance, and other relevant departments, and better achieve the supply of raw materials, production scheduling, sales service, quality monitoring and lifetime quality tracking of the whole vehicle.

All in all, RFID technology greatly enhances the digital level of the automotive production process. As related applications and programs are constantly ripe, they will bring more help to automotive production.

Post time: Sep-24-2021