what is NFC Cards

NFC cards use near-field communication technology to allow contactless communication between two devices over a short distance.

However, the communication distance is only about 4cm or less.

NFC cards can serve as keycards or electronic identity documents. They also work in contactless payment systems and even enable mobile payments.

Plus, NFC devices can replace or supplement existing payment systems like electronic ticket intelligent cards or credit cards.

Also, you sometimes call NFC cards CTLS NFC or NFC/CTLS. Here, CTLS is simply an abbreviated form for contactless.

What’s the chip of NFC Cards?

 NXP NTAG213, NTAG215 ,NTAG216 ,NXP Mifare Ultralight EV1,NXP Mifare 1k etc

How NFC Smart Cards Work?

NFC Cards store data, specifically a URL. We can update your URL anytime and forward the destination to any website location you would like. These cards work perfectly for:

  • Collecting Reviews (forward users to your Google Review Profile)
  • Sharing Your Website (forward users to your website URL)
  • Download Info (have users download a Contact Card)

Post time: Sep-17-2022