What is the anti-counterfeiting technology of the casino chip?

Hot Stamping gold casino Chips

Hot Stamping gold baccarat chips are made using a bronzing process. The hot stamping process uses the principle of hot-press transfer to transfer the aluminum layer in the anodized aluminum to the surface of the substrate to form a special metal effect. Because the main material used for hot stamping is anodized aluminum foil, the hot stamping is also called anodized aluminum hot stamping. Anodized aluminum foil is usually composed of multiple layers of materials. The base material is usually PE, followed by separation coating, color coating, metal coating (aluminum plating) and glue coating. The basic process of bronzing is in the state of pressure, that is, when the anodized aluminum is pressed by the hot stamping plate and the substrate, the anodized aluminum is heated to melt the hot-melt silicone resin layer and the adhesive agent. At this time, the organic The viscosity of silicone resin becomes smaller, and the viscosity of the special heat-sensitive adhesive increases after being heated and melted, so that the aluminum layer and the anodized aluminum base film are peeled off and transferred to the substrate at the same time. As the pressure is removed, the adhesive quickly cools and solidifies, and the aluminum layer is firmly attached to the substrate, completing a hot stamping process. The face value and patterns on the bronzing baccarat poker chips are stamped on the poker chip die by this method. Foil stamping has two main functions: one is surface decoration, which can increase the added value of the product. The combination of hot stamping and other processing methods such as embossing and embossing can better show the product’s strong decorative effect: the second is to give the product a higher anti-counterfeiting performance, such as the use of holographic positioning and hot stamping of trademark logos. The bronzing baccarat chips have clear and beautiful patterns, bright and eye-catching colors, which can attract the attention of guests in appearance; the opening people pay attention to the anti-counterfeiting of the chips, because the chips are money. If someone imitates your poker chips and exchanges them for money, That place will not suffer heavy losses, so the anti-counterfeiting of the chips is very important. This bronzing process can provide high anti-counterfeiting performance, and it is indeed a good choice for the casino chips.



Laser anti-counterfeiting technology of poker chip

Laser anti-counterfeiting is also known as laser anti-counterfeiting. Laser anti-counterfeiting technology includes laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting mark, encrypted laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting mark and laser

Three aspects of photolithography anti-counterfeiting technology.



Holographic anti-counterfeiting technology includes conventional holographic anti-counterfeiting technology[1], multi-channel holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, invisible encryption technology, 360°computer dot matrix holographic technology, double-layer holographic technology, fluorescent encryption holographic technology, dynamic coding anti-counterfeiting technology, telephone code anti-counterfeiting technology, Nuclear microporous anti-counterfeiting technology and genetic anti-counterfeiting technology, and have the characteristics of clear images, brilliant colors, strong stereoscopic effect, and one-time use. Multi-channel holographic anti-counterfeiting will see different patterns appearing on the same position of the mark when rotating the mark. The invisible encryption technology makes the encrypted pattern at any position of the logo, and the encrypted pattern can be seen under the laser reproducer. The 360°computer dot matrix holography technology will have a combination and transformation of radial, ring, spiral and other light spots in the 360° observation range of the image, which is extremely dynamic. Double-layer holographic technology can uncover the holographic logo, and you can also see the second anti-counterfeiting layer printed with patterns and text, which has the anti-counterfeiting effect of double insurance. The principle of fluorescence encryption holographic technology is the same as that of RMB fluorescence encryption. Dynamic coding anti-counterfeiting is to put the trademark in front of your eyes, slowly rotating the trademark will appear a continuous movement pattern. The telephone code anti-counterfeiting mark is made by combining laser anti-counterfeiting technology and telephone code anti-counterfeiting technology. The authenticity can be verified by querying a unified central database. The nuclear microporous anti-counterfeiting mark is composed of laser anti-counterfeiting technology and nuclear microporous anti-counterfeiting technology, and the authenticity can be distinguished with only a water pen. Genetic anti-counterfeiting is to add genetic factors to the label adhesive and detect them with special equipment.

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