What is the use of NFC RFID shielding credit card protection card sleeve? Anti-theft swipe/shielding function/protect credit card/protect bus card



What are the risks of the NFC RFID function?

The biggest risk of the NFC function is that the card does not need to touch the mobile phone under the condition of meeting the software and hardware. As long as the distance is small enough, the mobile phone can read the information in the card at will and perform payment operations. As a result, in public places such as buses, subways, shopping malls, etc., the card in the belt or even the wallet may be stolen by criminals, and users will not only disclose private information, but also Lost a lot of money.

The function of NFC RFID card holder

Prevent malicious theft of bank cards, ID cards, bus cards, etc. Supporting NFC function cards to protect property safety and privacy information security; it is designed to fit the latest bank cards and is beautiful and generous. The NFC card holder is designed according to the Faraday cage principle and uses special metal components as raw materials. It is like an “insulating device”. As long as the card is in the card holder, no NFC device can read the card information, let alone perform it. Recharge, transfer, payment and other operations.

Post time: Apr-14-2021