Why The RFID Tags Cannot Be Read

With the popularity of the Internet of Things, everyone is more interested in managing fixed assets using RFID tags. In general, a complete RFID solution includes RFID fixed asset management systems, RFID printers, RFID tags, RFID readers, etc. As an important part, if there is any problem with the RFID tag, it will affect the entire system.


The reason why the RFID tag cannot be read

1. RFID tag damage
In the RFID tag, there is a chip and antenna. If the chip is oppressed or high static electricity may be invalid. If the signal of RFID accepts antenna damage, it will also cause failure. Therefore, the RFID tag cannot be compressed or torn. Generally high standard RFID tags will be packaged in plastic cards to avoid damage from external forces.

2. Affected by interference objects
The RFID tag cannot pass the metal, and when the label is blocked by the metal, it will affect the reading distance of the RFID inventory machine, and even cannot be read. At the same time, the RF information of the RFID tag is also difficult to penetrate water, and if the water is blocked, the identy distance will be limited. In general, the signal of the RFID tag can penetrate non-metallic or non-transparent materials such as paper, wood, and plastic, and can perform penetrating communication. If the application scene is special, it is necessary to specifically customize the label of the anti-metal label or other characteristics, such as high temperature resistance, waterproof, and more.

3. Reading distance is too far
According to the production process is different, the application environment is different, and the RFID reader is different. The RFID tag read distance is different. If the reading distance is too far, it will affect the reading effect.

The factors affecting the reading distance of RFID tags

1. Related to the RFID reader, the radio frequency power is small, the read and write distance is close; on the contrary, high power, the reading distance is far.

2. Related to the RFID reader gain, the gain of the reader antenna is small, the read and write distance is close, in turn, the gain is high, the read and write distance is far.

3. Related to the RFID tag and the degree of coordination of the antenna polarization, and the direction of the direction is high, and the reading and writing distance is far; on the contrary, if it don’t cooperate, the reading is close.

4. Related to feeder unit attenuation, the larger the amount of attenuation, the closer the read and write distance, on the contrary, the attenuation of small, reading distance is far;

5. Related to the total length of the feeder of the connection reader and the antenna, the longer the feeder, the closer the read and write distance; the shorter the feeder, the farther the read and write distance.

Post time: Oct-12-2021