RFID UHF H3 Anti metal Tag rfid for RFID warehouse management system

Short Description:

RFID warehouse management system

1.High performance reading range.

2.Logistic tracking tag.

3.Available in high-yield volume with stable process.

4.Programming and encoding: depending on our production line, we provide this services which exactly meet customer’s programming, or encoding requirement

Product Detail

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RFID warehouse management system

UHF RFID tags can work in high-temperature environment, stable performance, very suitable for IT assets requiring narrow RFID metal tags, such as computer host, switch, server chassis, aluminum strip and shelf identification, vehicle( logistic) and other asset management.

◆ Technical Specification

   - Material: ABS 

   - Dimension:  155mm (L) *32mm (W)* 10mm (Th)

   - Protective Rating:  IP67

   - Frequency:    ISO18000-6C 860-960MHZ

   – Chips available:   Alien H3 or NXP U Code G2,  Impinj M4 ( Other chips available on request)




◆ Features

● Robust           ● waterproof  / dust-proof  ● mounted on metal available
● multi-mounting options  (screwing / 3M adhesive layer) ● RFIchips + ferrite material


◆ Applications 

 ● IT Asset Management                  ● logistics management             ● power patrol inspection management

 ● Housing building service           ● managing construction sites


When you’re mounting RFID tags on metal surfaces or metal products, you should be aware that if you use non metal mount RFID tags, your system will not function as desired as the metal will detune any passive RFID tag that is not designed to be placed on metal. Using tags that are specifically calibrated to the materials you need to track makes reading, tracking, and inventorying them easier and provides for greater read range.
Metal mount RFID tags are typically rugged, difficult to damage, and easy to weld, screw or otherwise attach.


RFID warehouse management system



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