round 13.56mhz aluminum antenna nfc dry inlay

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NFC Dry inlays can be used as the basis for all other NFC tag formats. Typically, the tags are not separated. Dry inlays are usually supplied with many tags on one continuous piece of plastic either as a sheet or on a roll. On a sheet, they may be used to create sheets of ‘smart’ cards.

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Round 13.56mhz aluminum antenna nfc dry inlay

1. Chip Model:  All chips are available

2. Frequency: 13.56MHz

3. Memory: depend on the chips

4. Protocol: ISO14443A

5. Base material: PET

6. Antenna material: Aluminium foil 

7. Antenna size: 26*12mm, 22mm Dia, 32*32mm, 37*22mm, 45*45mm,76*45mm, or as request

8. Working temperature: -25°C ~ +60°C

9. Store Temperature: -40°Cto +70°C

10. Read/Write Endurance: >100,000 time

11. Reading Range: 3-10cm

12. Certificates: ISO9001:2000, SGS


Product picture of round 13.56mhz aluminum antenna nfc dry inlay

round 13.56mhz aluminum antenna nfc dry inlay

What is an NFC Inlay

An NFC inlay is the most basic and cost-effective type of NFC tag. NFC inlays can be used alone or embedded and converted into other products by product manufacturers. The surface material of an NFC inlay is plastic, not paper, which makes them water resistant; however, they have no protective structure and are subject to damage due to bending or compression. Wet NFC inlays have adhesive backing like NFC stickers, but cannot be printed with color artwork like NFC stickers can. NFC inlays are delivered on a roll or in strips for small quantities. GoToTags designs NFC inlays for high performance and very large quantities of NFC inlays are kept in stock for short lead times.



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