UHF RFID Library Tags For RFID Library Management

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UHF RFID Library Tags For RFID Library Management are small and high performance. It has a very high degree of concealment and high read rate. The antenna of tags uses a flexible material as the substrate can prevent the label from being damaged by bending. It is widely used in books, important confidential document management, suitable for library management. 

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Product specification:
 Product:  UHF RFID library tags
 Material:  Paper/PVC/PET
 Size:  100*12mm, 100*15mm, 100*7mm, 135*7mm, etc
 Protocol:  ISO18000-6C(EPC Global Class1 Gen2)
 Chip:  Alien Higgs-3(Replace the chip as required)
 Frequency:  860~960Mhz
 Operating mode:  Reading/Writing
 Storage:  EPC storage space 96 bit, can be expanded to 480 bit, user storage space 512 bit.
 Read and write distance:  1~5 M
 Reading times:  ≥ 100,000
 Data storage:  ≥ 10 years
 Work temperature:  -40℃ ~ +80℃
 Storage temperature:  -40℃ ~ + 80℃
 Application:  Library management, asset management


RFID library tags

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