Blank white plastic PVC NFC Cards

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Blank white plastic PVC NFC Cards

A white plastic PVC card that has an NFC chip embedded inside.
Size of a credit card, 85.5x54mm (CR80) .
Normal thickness 0.84 mm.
A blank white NFC card with lamination on both sides, where you can print customized.


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Blank white plastic PVC NFC Cards


2. Available Chips:NXP NTAG213, NTAG215 and NTAG216, NXP MIFARE Ultralight® EV1,etc

3. Support with all nfc device

Product Name
White Blank NFC Carda
Chip Model
NTAG® 216,ntag213 etc
888 byte,144Byte
85.5 x 54mm
Barcode, Scratch Off Panel, Signature Panel, Spray Number,
Laser Number, Embossing, etc.
Offset Printing, Silk-Screen Printing
Card Surface
Glossy Surafce (If need Matte and Frosted surface can contact the sales directly)
ID Number Printing
DOD Printing/ Thermal printing/ Laser Engrave/embossing/
digital printing
Free Samples
Free samples are available at any time

NFC CARD-500x500



nfc card of the package details:

pvc card 包装


Blank white plastic PVC NFC cards are commonly used for personalization and customization. These cards provide a clean and professional appearance and can be printed on and programmed with various designs, logos, and information.The PVC material ensures durability and resistance to wear and tear, making them suitable for long-term use.

NFC technology enables wireless communication and data exchange with NFC-enabled devices, such as smartphones or tablets, making these cards ideal for applications such as contactless payment systems, access control, loyalty programs, and more.Blank white PVC NFC cards offer a blank canvas for organizations and businesses to create custom identification cards, membership cards, event passes, or any other application that requires secure and interactive communication. They are compatible with most NFC-enabled devices and can be easily programmed and customized using NFC programming software or apps.

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