An Introduction to Customized NFC label Production

NFC labels with chips of your choice, customized shape and high quality full color printing. Waterproof and extremely resistant, thanks to the lamination process. On high runs, special papers are also available (we provide custom quotes).

In addition, we offer the pairing service: we integrate the NFC Tag directly under the customer’s label (contact us for more information).

Print specifics
●Print quality: 600 DPI
●Four-color printing (Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, Black)
●Ink technology: Epson DURABrite™ Ultra
●Glossy finish
●Print up to the edge
●Excellent reliability and durability


Label specifics
●Material: glossy white polypropylene (PP)
●Waterproof, IP68
For runs of at least 1000 pieces, we can print on special papers, to create ennobled labels. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Label size
The size of the labels is personalizable, without any extra fee.
●The size can be chosen in a range between a minimum of 30 mm (diameter or side) and a maximum of 90 x 60 mm.
●The logo (or the graphics sent) is printed in a centered position on the label considering the chosen dimensions.
●For specific shapes, you must send us a file with the cutting line exported as a vector path.
For dimensions that exceed those indicated, please contact us for a quote.

Print file
For the best result, a vector PDF file is highly recommended. If a vector file is not available, JPG and PNG file with high resolution (at least 300 DPI) are also acceptable.

The print file must have at least 2 mm bleed all around.

For example:
●for labels with a diameter of 39 mm, the graphics must have a diameter of 43 mm;
●for 50 x 50 mm labels, graphics must be 54 x 54 mm in size.

For particular shapes, it is necessary to send a file with the cutting line as well. In that case, please contact us.

Variable Printing
We can print variable fields, such as: variable text, QR code, bar codes, serial or progressive number.
In order to do this, you must send us:
●an Excel file with a column for each variable field and a row for each label to be printed;
●indications on how the various fields should be positioned (the ideal is with an example image complete with all fields);
●information on any preferences for font, size and formatting of the text.

NFC Chip
By selecting the NTAG213 or NTAG216 chip, a Tag with a 20mm diameter antenna is used. If you select the “Other NFC Chip” option, you can choose the chip from the following (we recommend that you contact us in advance to check availability):
●NXP MIFARE Classic® 1K EV1
●NXP MIFARE Ultralight® EV1
●NXP MIFARE Ultralight® C
●Fudan 1k

Tag-Label coupling
If you have labels already printed and available on reel, we offer the service of applying the NFC Tag under the customer’s label. Please, contact us for more information and a custom quote.

●Health care
●Supply Chain & Asset Management
●Product authentication

Post time: Jun-07-2024