Handheld terminal performance is powerful, no longer just limited to the logistics industry!

For the understanding of handheld terminals, perhaps many people are still stuck in the impression of the logistics bar code scanning in and out of the warehouse. With the development of market demand for technology, handheld terminal has also been further applied various industries, such as manufacture, retail, warehouse and public industries.


1. Warehouse application:with data storage function, easy for recording goods in and out of storage.

Tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of commodities in stock, if you rely exclusively on manual inventory registration, it is easy to data inaccurate results. The advantage of the handheld terminal is that, as long as the in and out of the warehouse, as long as the scanning, all the data is traceable, avoiding to making mistakes, and can improve work efficiency. What’s more, a handheld PDA can save a lot of labour costs, which is why so many logistics companies will be equipped with handheld terminals.


2. Public application: IC card reading, convenient for police officers to perform their work.

Sometimes when you go to the street to shop or go to work, you will encounter police officers randomly stopping people to register. ID card registration to confirm the population, fingerprinting, comparison and so on. Regardless of the traffic police patrol, handheld terminals can facilitate the police officers to perform their work and make detailed personal information collection .


3. Meter reading in the electric power industry

It is a waste of time and manpower to read the meter manually and then enter the data afterwards. Some manual writing is difficult to recognize and is not good for data entry. Meter reading, which is basic and requires accurate data, still requires handheld terminals to be paired with manual labour in order to play a trump card.

Handheld terminals have widely been applied into industries and are loved by many business organizations for their simplicity, hassle and effort saving features, they save manpower for the business and also give more comprehensive data.

Post time: Sep-11-2023