ISO15693 NFC patrol tag and ISO14443A NFC patrol tag

ISO15693 NFC patrol tag and ISO14443A NFC patrol tag are two different radio frequency identification (RFID) technical standards. They differ in wireless communication protocols and have different characteristics and application scenarios. ISO15693 NFC patrol tag: Communication protocol: ISO15693 is a contact radio frequency technology with an operating frequency of 13.56MHz. It uses the reflection mode, which requires the energy in the electromagnetic field of the reader to be reflected to the reader to complete data exchange. Long-distance communication: ISO15693 tags have a long communication distance and can communicate with readers within a range of 1 to 1.5 meters. 

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This makes it widely used in application scenarios that require large distance recognition. Tag capacity: ISO15693 tags usually have larger storage capacity and can store more data, such as patrol records, employee information, etc. Anti-interference ability: ISO15693 tags have strong anti-interference ability and can communicate stably in an environment where multiple tags exist at the same time and are close together. ISO14443A NFC patrol tag: Communication protocol: ISO14443A is a near-field wireless communication technology with an operating frequency of 13.56MHz. It uses inductive mode, where the tag senses energy in the electromagnetic field of the reader and exchanges data. Short-range communication: The communication distance of ISO14443A tags is short, usually within a few centimeters, which makes it more suitable for short-range authentication and interactive applications, such as payment, access control and bus cards. Tag capacity: The storage capacity of the ISO14443A tag is relatively small and is mainly used to store basic identification information and authentication data. Compatibility and interoperability: ISO14443A tags are generally compatible with NFC devices, allowing interoperability on NFC-enabled smartphones and readers. To sum up, ISO15693 NFC patrol tags are suitable for patrol, security and warehousing management fields that require long communication distance and large storage capacity, while ISO14443A NFC patrol tags are suitable for short-range interactive applications, such as access control, Payment and bus cards, etc. The choice of tag depends on the specific application needs and communication distance requirements.

Post time: Oct-13-2023