RFID is gaining momentum in express logistics

For many players in the RFID industry, what they most expect to see is that RFID tags can be used in item-level logistics, because compared to the current label market, the application of express logistics tags means an explosion in RFID tag shipments. increase, and will drive a large number of applications of upstream equipment and various products such as readers and writers, access doors, etc. Not long ago, the AIoT Star Map Research Institute’s “2023 China RFID Passive Ecological Report – Express Logistics Application Market Analysis Report” briefly reviewed the application of RFID in express logistics. It is hoped that through understanding the current situation, we can find out more about RFID A new addition in the field of express logistics.


Market size

At present, the express logistics industry has entered an era with a business volume of 100 billion and a scale of trillions. Compared with foreign countries, the domestic express logistics industry has a series of characteristics such as low unit price, high frequency, and dense transportation network. With the development of e-commerce in China, the express logistics industry is also booming.

The development of the express delivery industry can be divided into three stages.

① The 50% growth stage is the industry development period. Thanks to the development of e-commerce, the express delivery industry is expanding rapidly at this stage, and business volume is also increasing rapidly.

②In the 30% growth stage, the industry is rising. As the market size gradually increases, the growth rate of the logistics industry gradually slows down. At the same time, the industry has begun to move toward a more efficient business model. The establishment of distribution centers, transfer stations, and assembly lines has gradually increased the degree of automation in the express logistics industry. At the same time, the timeliness of express delivery has also been greatly increased.

③The 10% growth rate stage is the stable period of the industry. From 2022 to now, the growth rate of the industry has continued to slow down and entered a stable stage. At this time, the express logistics industry has entered a mature stage, and the express delivery reach rate and express delivery timeliness have reached over 90%.

Nowadays, the express delivery industry is gradually maturing and is beginning to seek more intelligent methods to manage the current express delivery business. RFID, as one of the core technologies of asset management, has been gradually accepted and applied by the express delivery industry. In the future, what RFID players are most concerned about is whether RFID can be applied to every express package. This will be a potential market with hundreds of billions of RFID tags.

Feasibility Analysis

Industry needs

The demand for RFID in the express logistics field is relatively clear. First of all, the express delivery industry has always been in the development stage. From the early multi-layered orders to the current barcode orders, its application technology is constantly developing. RFID receipts will be an inevitable trend in future development. For the logistics industry, RFID, compared to barcodes, can facilitate the processes in the express logistics transportation process such as accurate tracking of goods, high-speed identification of express delivery, intelligent dispatch, tracking of returned and exchanged products, and search for lost goods, and increase the efficiency of express delivery.

Post time: Nov-20-2023