What is FPC NFC tag?

FPC (flexible printed circuit) labels are a special type of NFC label designed for applications which require very small, stable tags. The printed circuit board allows for very finely placed copper antenna tracks providing maximum performance from small sizes.


NFC chip for FPC NFC tag

The self-adhesive FPC NFC tag is equipped with the original NXP NTAG213 and offers a cost-effective entry into the NTAG21x series. The NXP NTAG21x series impresses with the greatest possible compatibility, good performance and intelligent additional functions. The NTAG213 has a total capacity of 180 bytes (free memory 144 bytes), thereof usable memory in the NDEF 137 bytes. Each individual chip has a unique serial number (UID) consisting of 7 bytes (alphanumeric, 14 characters). The NFC chip can be written up to 100,000 times and has a data retention of 10 years. The NTAG213 has the UID ASCII Mirror feature, which allows the tag's UID to be appended to the NDEF message, as well as an integrated NFC counter that automatically increments during readout. Both features are not enabled by default. The NTAG213 is compatible with all NFC-enabled smartphones, the NFC21 tools and all ISO14443 terminals.

•Total capacity: 180 byte
•Free memory: 144 bytes
•Usable memory NDEF: 137 byte
How does an FPC NFC tag work?

An NFC communication system includes two separate parts: an NFC reader chip and an FPC NFC tag. The NFC reader chip is the active part of the system, because as its name suggests, it “reads” (or processes) the information before triggering a specific response. It provides power and sends NFC commands to the passive part of the system, the FPC NFC tag.

The NFC technology is frequently used in public transport, where users can pay using their NFC-enabled ticket or smartphone. In this example, the NFC reader chip would be embedded in the bus payment terminal, and the NFC passive tag would be in the ticket (or the smartphone) that receives and replies to the NFC commands sent by the terminal.

Post time: Mar-22-2024