What is rfid laundry tag?

The RFID laundry tag is mainly used for tracing the laundry industry and checking the washing status of clothes.High temperature resistance, rubbing resistance, mostly made of silicone, non-woven, PPS material.


With the gradual upgrading of RFID technology, RFID laundry tags are widely used in various laundry scenes, and the traditional manual washing process has been transformed into a fully automatic processing and recording process. Moreover, sewing washing RFID laundry tags on washing products allows users to use the globally unique code of the clothes RFID tags to automatically identify and track the washing process, and to obtain data to facilitate users to specify higher quality decisions later.

After sewing non-woven UHF RFID laundry tags on washing products, people can know exactly how many washing products are in circulation, how many washing products are processed every day, where the washing products are, and how long their service life is Long, thereby greatly reducing the loss rate of washing products and improving the profitability of users.

Application benefits of RFID washing labels: quickly identify and monitor the circulation of washing products; enable customers to clarify the loss rate of washing products and ensure the accuracy of purchase quantities; facilitate customers to achieve the goal of zero inventory of washing products. Higher productivity and efficiency (reducing the delivery cycle of the supply chain); greatly improving the processing efficiency of dirty washing products; reducing manual labor and non-value-added links, effectively saving costs.

RFID washing products are used in personnel management scenarios

In military and hospital scenarios, clothing is generally issued and managed in a unified standard. The clothing and personnel can be managed by adding RFID washing tags to the clothing, and the basic information, use information, detection information, and personnel of clothing can be realized through RFID tags. Efficient management of flows, etc. Improve the effective management and control of clothing products by organizations such as troops and hospitals to avoid confusion and unclear accounts.


Other application scenarios of RFID in washing products: RFID work clothes, you can use PPS laundry tags, silicone RFID laundry tags

This solution can be used to solve work clothes in various fields of food processing, trade, service, and medical care. RFID hotel linen management, you can use RFID non-woven laundry tags RFID solutions can help users better

Manage hotel linen inventory and control losses.



Post time: Jul-01-2021