13.56Mhz Access control RFID Card Mifare Reader

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13.56Mhz Access control RFID Card Mifare Reader


1. Avoid manual input mistake

2. Save your time with more convenient and efficient

3. Free of installing driver, compatible with Windows98/2000/XP

4. Power on USB

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13.56Mhz Access control RFID Card Mifare Reader

Protocol:ISO 14443 Type A
Chips:Mifare 1k ,Mifare 4k ,Mifare Ultralight C, NTAG213,etc.
HF Frequency:13.56MHZ



1. Support 13.56Mhz Frequency Card

2. 5- 10cm Proximity Reading Range

3. Standard USB to PC Communication Interface

4. Power on USB

5. -10 to 70 C Ambient Temperature

6. Less 100mA Working Current

7. Champagne or Black Color

8. DC 5V working Voltage or Power on USB

9. 110*80*25 mm or 140*100 *30 mm

 About Use

Connect USB data wire between Device and PC, after 30 seconds for testing the system, then punch the card, and execute the following steps in PC: Start—-Program—-Accessories—-Notepad. Card Number will show in Notepad automatically Lines (No need press “Enter” for it)

Wire Connection

Plug USB wire into PC USB Port, the other port connect Reader Communication Port.

Data Format: Digital Decimal Card Number Hex Card Number (Your customized Card Number Requirements is also available)

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