RFID UHF fabric Textile Laundry Tag

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Laundary solution is to give each cloth a unique RFID digital identity, use the industry-leading data acquisition equipment to collect the status information of each cloth in each handover and each washing process in real time; relying on powerful Data analysis tools to achieve the management of the entire process and the entire life cycle. Thereby helping operators to improve the circulation efficiency of linen, reduce labor costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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RFID UHF fabric Textile Laundry Tag


Working Frequency 902-928MHz or 865~866MHz
Feature R/W
Size 70mm x 15mm x 1.5mm or customized
Chip Type UHF Code 7M, or UHF Code 8
Storage EPC 96bits User 32bits
Warranty 2years or 200 times laundry
Working Temperature -25~ +110 ° C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85 ° C
High Temperature Resistance 1) Washing: 90 degrees, 15 minutes, 200 times
2) Converter pre-drying: 180 degrees, 30 minutes, 200 times
3) Ironing: 180 degrees, 10 seconds, 200 times
4) High temperature sterilization: 135 degrees, 20 minutes
Storage humidity 5% ~ 95%
Storage humidity 5% ~ 95%
Installation method 10-Laundry7015:Sew in the hem or install in the woven jacket
10-Laundry7015H: 215 ℃ @ 15 seconds and 4 bars (0.4MPa) pressure
Force hot stamping, or suture installation (please contact the original
factory before installation
See the detailed installation method), or install in the woven jacket
Product weight 0.7 g / piece
Packaging carton packing
Surface color white
Pressure Withstands 60 bars
Chemically resistant resistant to all chemicals used in normal industrial washing processes
Reading distance Fixed: more than 5.5 meters (ERP = 2W)
Handheld: more than 2 meters (using ATID AT880 handheld)
Polarization mode Linear polarization

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Advantages of Washable Laundry Tag:

1. Accelerate the turnover of cloth and reduce the amount of inventory, reduce the loss.
2 . Quantify the washing process and monitor the number of washing, improve customer satisfaction
3, quantify the quality of cloth, more targeted selection of cloth producers
4, simplify the handover, inventory process, improve staff efficiency

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