ISO15693 i code slix on duty RFID patrol tag

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ISO15693 i code slix on duty RFID patrol tag is laminated with PVC or ABS, water-proof tag. The On duty Security rfid patrol anti-metal nfc tag could be with adhesive back, this On duty Security rfid patrol anti-metal nfc tag could be mounted on metallic surface. And because of our Direct Bonding technology the surface would more flatter that could have great printing performance. Silk screen and Offset printings are available upon request.The material could be transparent PVC and white PVC ,or ABS.

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ISO15693 i code slix on duty RFID patrol tag


1) .Durable and can work in harsh environment.
3).Moisture proof.
4).Anti shock.
5).High temperature resistance.
6).Anti metal optional.


 I code slix on duty NFC patrol tag


To encode a SLIX on-duty NFC patrol tag, you will need an NFC encoding device or an NFC-enabled smartphone with NFC encoding capabilities. Here is a general procedure to follow:Install an NFC encoding app on your smartphone if you don’t already have one. You can use popular apps like NFC Tools or TagWriter, which support ISO15693 encoding.Open the NFC encoding app and select the option to create a new record or encode a new tag.Choose the ISO15693 encoding option, as SLIX tags typically use this protocol.Enter the required information for the on-duty NFC patrol tag. For example, you can input an ID number, employee name, department, or any other relevant details.Customize the data fields according to your needs. Some apps may allow you to add custom fields or modify existing ones.Get your NFC encoding device or smartphone close to the SLIX tag to initiate the encoding process. Make sure it is within the effective range for proper encoding.Once the encoding process completes, the data will be written onto the SLIX tag, transforming it into an on-duty NFC patrol tag that can be scanned by NFC-enabled devices.Please note that the specific steps may vary depending on the app or device you are using. Always refer to the user manual or documentation provided with your NFC encoding app or device for precise instructions.


Application: Patrol management: NFC patrol tags can be used in the security industry to record and monitor the patrol route, patrol time and work content of security personnel to improve security. Logistics management: NFC patrol tags can be used in warehouse and cargo management to help managers track the location of goods, inventory management and logistics process optimization. Tourist guide: NFC patrol tag can be used for the navigation function in the tourism industry. Tourists can obtain explanations, introductions and interactive content of scenic spots by using mobile devices to approach the tag, so as to improve the tourist experience. Asset management: NFC patrol tags can be used for asset management, marking and tracking the location, status and maintenance records of fixed assets to improve asset management efficiency. Attendance management: NFC patrol tags can be used for employee attendance management. Employees can perform operations such as check-in and check-out by swiping cards or approaching NFC tags, improving work efficiency and data accuracy. In summary, NFC patrol tags have the characteristics of small and portable, high durability, and long life, and can be widely used in industries such as security, logistics, tourism, asset management, and attendance management, providing effective data recording, location tracking, and work management functions.NFC TAG

Product name  On duty Security rfid patrol anti-metal nfc tag
 Product Description  Standard ABS waterproof tags Can customize with pptional features: *complete water/ oil proof *anti-metal layer * 3 m back adhesive
 Material  ABS
 Installation  Adhesive paste with strong 3 M glue, or screw  Can be used on warehouse managerment, property tracking, can be installed   on pallet, the cartons, machine etc. 
 Size  Round shape, normal diameter in 25/30/34/40/52mm Customize size available
 Chip  LF: TK4100, EM4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577 HF: FM11RF08, 1K S50, S70, Ult,  sli, N213/215/216, etc UHF: UC G2XL , H3, M4 ,M5, etc
 Reading distance  0-6m, according to reader and chip
 Operating temperature  -25℃~60℃
 Customize  Size and logo
 Application  Warehouse managerment, property tracking, can be installed on pallet, the   cartons, machine etc.


 Ntag213 ntag215 ntag216 rfid patrol anti-metal coin token nfc tag

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