On duty patrol NFC Tag

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On metal ntag213 NFC coin Tag is laminated with PVC or ABS, water-proof tag. The tag could be with adhesive back, this nfc tag could be mounted on nonmetallic surface. And because of our Direct Bonding technology the surface would more flatter that could have great printing performance. Silk screen and Offset printings are available upon request.The material could be transparent PVC and white PVC ,or ABS.

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On duty patrol NFC Tag


1) .Durable and can work in harsh environment.
3).Moisture proof.
4).Anti shock.
5).High temperature resistance.
6).Anti metal optional.

Product name  Custom hard PVC PET RFID sticker on metal ntag213 NFC coin Tag
 Product Description  Standard ABS waterproof tags Can customize with pptional features: *complete water/ oil proof *anti-metal layer * 3 m back adhesive
 Material  ABS
 Installation  Adhesive paste with strong 3 M glue, or screw  Can be used on warehouse managerment, property tracking, can be installed   on pallet, the cartons, machine etc. 
 Size  Round shape, normal diameter in 25/30/34/40/52mm Customize size available
 Chip  LF: TK4100, EM4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577 HF: FM11RF08, 1K S50, S70, Ult,  sli, N213/215/216, etc UHF: UC G2XL , H3, M4 ,M5, etc
 Reading distance  0-6m, according to reader and chip
 Operating temperature  -25℃~60℃
 Customize  Size and logo
 Application  Warehouse managerment, property tracking, can be installed on pallet, the   cartons, machine etc.


NFC patrol tags are widely used in security patrols and facility management. The following are the main applications of patrol tags in the US market: Security patrols: Many businesses, schools, hospitals and shopping malls use NFC patrol tags to monitor the patrol activities of security patrollers. Patrollers use nfc patrol tags to check in within the specified time. The tags will record time, date, location and other information to ensure that patrollers attend work on time and arrive at the designated location. 


Anti-metal NFC tags are NFC tags specially designed to be attached to metal surfaces. It has the following characteristics and applications: feature: Thickness: Metal-resistant NFC tags usually have a thinner thickness so that they can be attached to metal surfaces without causing obvious protrusions on the metal surface. Anti-interference ability: Anti-metal NFC tags use special materials and structures to resist the impact of metal environments on tag work, and effectively reduce the shielding effect of metal on NFC signals.


Strong Adhesive: Anti-metal NFC tags usually have a strong adhesive back or a reliable attachment method, which can be firmly attached to the metal surface. application: Asset tracking: Anti-metal NFC tags can be attached to metal assets, such as machinery, tools, vehicles, etc., to achieve real-time asset tracking and management. By reading the information on the tag, it is possible to understand the location of the asset, its usage and more. Logistics and supply chain management: Metal-resistant NFC tags can be applied in logistics and supply chain management, especially in scenarios involving metal containers or metal commodities. By attaching labels to the goods, the tracking and management of logistics information can be realized. Indoor navigation and positioning: Metal-resistant NFC tags can be attached to metal surfaces in buildings or facilities for indoor navigation and positioning services. Users can use smartphones or other NFC devices to read tags and obtain relevant location information and navigation guidance.


Security monitoring: Anti-metal NFC tags can be attached to metal surfaces such as doors, windows, and security equipment for security monitoring systems. Reading the information on the tag can realize identity verification, access control and other functions. In summary, anti-metal NFC tags have the characteristics of thinner thickness, anti-interference ability and strong adhesion, and are suitable for asset tracking, logistics management, indoor navigation, security monitoring and other fields. They can work normally in the metal environment and provide users with convenient information reading and management services.





Ntag213 ntag215 ntag216 rfid patrol anti-metal coin token nfc tag Ntag213 ntag215 ntag216 rfid patrol anti-metal coin token nfc tag

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