Market and application of NFC patrol tags in the United States

In the United States,NFC patrol tags are widely used in security patrols and facility management. The following are the main applications of patrol tags in the US market: Security patrols: Many businesses, schools, hospitals and shopping malls use NFC patrol tags to monitor the patrol activities of security patrollers. Patrollers use nfc patrol tags to check in within the specified time. The tags will record time, date, location and other information to ensure that patrollers attend work on time and arrive at the designated location.


Facility Management: NFC Patrol tags can be used for facilities management, such as monitoring the operation of equipment and facilities in a building, office, factory, or public facility. Managers can use NFC patrol tags to scan equipment and facilities, check their status and operation, and record any items that need repair or replacement. Dormitory inspections: Schools and universities often conduct dormitory inspections using patrol tags. Inspectors scan patrol tags in each residence hall room to record the status and issues of each room, such as damage, repair needs or safety hazards. Logistics management: Patrol tags can be used in the field of logistics management, such as cargo entry and exit records, vehicle entry and exit records, etc. NFC Tags can easily record time and location information in the logistics process, improving the accuracy and efficiency of logistics operations. Construction site management: On construction sites, NFC patrol tags can be used to monitor workers’ work progress and safety. Workers can use the patrol tag to check in and report any safety issues or work progress. The market demand for nfc patrol tags continues to grow in the United States as businesses and organizations pay more and more attention to safety management and facility monitoring. NFC Patrol tags can provide real-time patrol data, help managers better understand patrol situations, discover and solve problems in a timely manner, and improve safety management levels and efficiency.

Post time: Sep-15-2023