The application and demand of Mifare card

In France, Mifare cards also occupy a certain share of the access control market and have greater demand. The following are some features and needs of Mifare cards in the French market: Public transport: Many cities and regions in France use Mifare cards as part of their public transport ticketing systems. These cards, often called “smart cards” or “navigation cards,” can be used on subways, buses, trams and other means of transportation, and enable contactless payment and passage. Culture and Tourism: France is rich in cultural heritage and tourism resources. Tourists can use Mifare cards to purchase tickets to visit museums, galleries, historical monuments and other tourist attractions. 

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This allows visitors to easily enter and visit different venues. Large-scale events and exhibitions: France often hosts various large-scale events and exhibitions, such as music festivals, sports competitions, trade shows, etc.  Mifare cards are widely used at these events to enable admission control, cashless payments and data recording. Student ID Cards and Libraries: In many universities and schools in France, students can use Mifare cards as student ID cards and use them to borrow books from the library, pay for canteen meals, etc. Generally speaking, the market demand for Mifare cards in France is mainly concentrated in areas such as public transportation, cultural tourism, large-scale events, and school institutions. With the advancement of technology and the increasing demand for convenience and security, the market demand for Mifare cards is expected to continue to grow.

Post time: Sep-27-2023