Printed PVC membership cards

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Customized printing Plastic PVC loyalty gift cards

Material: PVC,ABS,PET etc

Size: CR-80, 85.5*54*0.76mm or customized
Surface: Glossy, Matte, Frosted
Magnetic stripe: hi-co/lo-co Barcode:QR code ,128 code ,39 code etc

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Printed PVC membership cards

Product name  Gift barcode pvc card
Material Transparent PVC/PVC/ABS/PET
Size ISO CR80 Standard: 85.5*54*0.76mm or other requirement
Thickness 0.3mm-2mm
Printing Full color offset printing, Silk-screen printing, Digit printing,UV spot
Available crafts Thermal printing number, ,Magnetic stripe, Barcode, Golden/silver hot-stamping, Signature panel, Series number printing, UV printing, UID number printing, laser engrave QR code etc.
Surface  Glossy, Matt, Frosted finish
Card name Magnetic strip card : Hico 2750 OE / Loco 300 OE
Barcode card : 39 / 128/ 13 code
Scratch-off card / paper card
Transparent card / clear card
Glossy card / matte card / frost card / non-standard card / key card 
Mirror card / Card with diamond / drawing card / card with velvet  /  hologram card
Membership card / business card / vip card / discount card / plastic card / pvc card / gift card / access control card

Plastic card craft


PVC membership card is a member identification card made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. It has the following characteristics and applications: feature: Durability: PVC material has good wear resistance and weather resistance, can withstand scratches and abrasions during daily use, and has a long service life. Customizability: PVC membership cards can be customized according to the needs of users, such as printing member names, membership numbers, expiration dates and other information, as well as adding unique designs and logos. Portability: PVC membership cards are usually moderately sized, light and easy to carry, allowing members to carry them on wallets, keychains or lanyards. Security: PVC membership cards can use a variety of security features, such as magnetic stripes, chips or QR codes, to protect the identity and information security of members. application: Member management: PVC membership cards can be used in various membership systems, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, gyms, clubs, etc., to record membership identities and rights, and to realize membership management functions such as points, discounts, and discounts. Access control management: PVC membership cards can be used in access control systems, such as employee access, member access, etc., to control and manage personnel access rights by identifying the information on the card. Payment function: PVC membership card can be used in combination with electronic wallet or prepaid card system to realize card consumption, cashless payment and other functions, providing convenient and fast payment methods. Marketing and promotion: By adding functions such as QR code, bar code or chip to the PVC membership card, online and offline marketing and promotion activities can be realized, such as scanning codes to receive coupons, points exchange, etc. In summary, PVC membership cards have the characteristics of durability, customizability, portability and security, and are widely used in membership management, access control management, payment functions and marketing promotion, etc., providing members with convenience, security and personalization identification and service experience.


pvc card



What is PVC card?

A PVC card is a plastic card composed of a graphic-quality version of a known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is known for its durability, flexibility and versatility. PVC cards are generally considered the best solution for producing ID cards.


What is a PVC ID card?

PVC (polyvinyl chloridecard is a typical ID card. These cards are used for identification, credit/debit cards, membership cards, access cards, and more.


What is a magnetic stripe card?

Mag stripe card technology is a reliable, durable, and versatile way to create useful security cards and badges, ID cards, membership cards and a host of other uses. In particular, magnetic stripes excel over other technologies because of their:


What is a PVC ID card?

PVC (polyvinyl chloridecard is a typical ID card. These cards are used for identification, credit/debit cards, membership cards, access cards, and more.


What is the standard size of a PVC ID card?

Standard ID Card Size. CR80 cards are 3.375″ x 2.125″ (the same size as a credit card) and are the standard, most commonly used size of PVC card. CR100 cards are a whopping 3.88″ x 2.63″ – that’s 42% larger than a standard CR80 card, making them easier to see from a distance and too big to hide in a wallet.


What is a plastic key tag?

Plastic key tags offer your customers the unique opportunity to have your card with them at all times, allowing them easy access and use, and a card that is rarely lost. We’re here to help.







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