Microchip Tiny mini on metal NFC Sticker FPC NFC Tag

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Microchip Tiny mini NFC Sticker FPC NFC Tag 

♦ Normal size or mirco size can less than 10mm, 8.7mm etc
♦ Aluminum or double copper antenna
♦PET waterproof, resistance of chemical and heating or PVC, Paper
♦ Custom 4C LOGO printing or white sticker, wet inlay
♦Can be anti metal, suitable for metal surface
♦ Shape and size can be customized
♦Pack by pcs or roll perfect fit your installation

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Microchip Tiny mini NFC Sticker FPC NFC Tag 

Product name
RFID FPC Small tag/sticker
PET (waterproof , resistance of chemical and heating)
Antenna material
Double copper antenna
Anti Metal
Can be anti metal or normal
Wet inlay or custom LOGO printing
8.7*8.7mm, round 9mm, round 15mm, 10*17mm, 8*15mm, 12*12mm, 7.7*14.88mm, 8*14mm, 8*18.5mm, 5.4*19mm, 8*19.5mm, 9.8*16.45mm etc or customized
Reading Distance 
Operating Mode
read / writable

Insert applications for bluetooth wristband pedometer for payment tracking and member management
reading distance 2CM outer case, 1~1.5CM inside wristband case

Our self R&D micro FPC small copper RFID sticker for bluetooth wristband pedometer for payment tracking & member management. This type with double copper antenna, size 18.45*9.8mm special shape, HF 13.56mhz chip.

Kindly find the pic below for FPC stickers and the bluetooth wristband, you will find our FPC sticker is perfect fit in the wristband case. The bluetooth wristband pedometer can track steps, calories, heart rate,cycling data and sleep qualities, IP 67 waterproof and OK for swim etc.

Chip Options
ISO14443A MIFARE Classic® 1K, MIFARE Classic ® 4K
MIFARE Ultralight ®, MIFARE Ultralight ® EV1, MIFARE Ultralight®  C
NTAG213 / NTAG215 / NTAG216
MIFARE ® DESFire ® EV1 (2K/4K/8K)
MIFARE ® DESFire® EV2 (2K/4K/8K)
MIFARE Plus® (2K/4K)
Topaz 512


MIFARE and MIFARE Classic are trademarks of NXP B.V.

MIFARE DESFire are registered trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license.

MIFARE and MIFARE Plus are registered trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license.

MIFARE and MIFARE Ultralight are registered trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license.

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