RFID ear tag for animal management solution

RFID animal ear tag solution

With the rapid economic development and the rapid improvement of people’s living standards, the dietary structure of consumers has undergone great changes. The demand for high-nutrient foods such as meat, eggs and milk has greatly increased, and the quality and safety of food have also received a lot of attention. It is necessary to put forward mandatory requirements for the traceability of meat product quality and safety. Farming management is the basic data source of the entire management system. RFID technology collects and transmits data in a timely and effective manner is one of the key links for the normal operation of the entire system. RFID animal ear tags are the most basic medium for the validity of all data on farms and animal husbandry. Establish a uniquely identifiable “electronic ID card” RFID animal ear tag for each cow.


In the process of beef breeding and production, European developed countries have adopted advanced breeding and production management systems to strictly manage the breeding, production process and product quality. To some extent, cattle breeding should be the most important link in the beef food safety management industry chain. The management of the breeding process is effectively managing the breeding personnel to ensure the electronic management of cattle during the breeding process. So as to achieve the informationization of the entire breeding link, and partial automation management.

The construction of the quality and safety management system of meat products in the breeding, production, transportation, and sales links, especially the construction of the traceability system of meat production enterprises, and the successful implementation of the whole process of breeding and production of cattle, pigs and chickens. . The breeding management system can help companies realize information management in the breeding process, establish a good brand image in the industry and the public, significantly improve product competitiveness, and improve the management and control level of farmers in the base through management methods to achieve a win-win and potential Continuous development.

Beef cattle breeding management system is a systematic project, which will achieve the following goals:

The basic goal: to realize the information management of the breeding process, and to establish an electronic information file for each cow. The use of information technology, bio safety control technology, early warning technology, remote monitoring technology, etc. to achieve a new one-stop model of healthy aquaculture management information mode;

Management improvement: The enterprise has realized the optimized management of the breeding link, fixed positions and responsibilities, and has a clear view of the personnel management in the breeding link; on this basis, it can be easily connected with the company’s existing information management system to realize the enterprise’s information construction;

Market development: Realize the information management of cooperative breeding farms or cooperative farmers and their products, help the breeding farms or farmers improve the breeding management technology, can realize the standardized management of the epidemic prevention and immunization process, realize the standardized management of breeding, and ensure the fattening cattle of the cooperative households The information can be checked and traced during the repurchase, so as to know the process of cooperative breeding, ensure the quality and safety of the company’s products, and ultimately ensure a long-term win-win situation, forming a community of interests of the company + farmers.

Brand promotion: Realize a strict traceability management system for high-end consumers, set up inquiry machines in terminal specialty stores and special counters to enhance brand image and attract high-end crowds. 

Post time: May-20-2021