Application of RFID technology in shoes and hats

With the continuous development of RFID, its technology has gradually been applied to all aspects of life and production, bringing us various conveniences. Especially in recent years, RFID is in a period of rapid development, and its application in various fields is becoming more and more mature, and the prospect is immeasurable.

The current market application in the footwear and apparel industry

There are more and more brands of RFID technology, such as walmart / Decathlon / Nike / Hailan House and other well-known brands, which started to use RFID technology earlier, and successfully helped them solve some pain points in the shoe and apparel industry :

Applicability of the store: There are many colors, sizes and styles of clothing products. Using RFID tags can well solve the problems of color, goods, and code in stores. At the same time, through data analysis, it can be well Feedback the situation to the production side in time to avoid the backlog of costs caused by overproduction.

Backstage can better formulate marketing strategies and increase store sales by analyzing the time and frequency of products being picked up or tried on.

Because RFID technology has the functions of batch reading and long-distance reading, it can quickly realize the functions of inventory and checkout in stores, reduce the waiting of customers in the checkout process, and bring customers a good sense of experience.

Post time: Jul-04-2022